Game Rules

You may play Dead Frontier Online as much as you want for free, providing you comply with the rules stated on this page and those in the Terms of Service.

You are 100% responsible for the security of your account and it's contents. Lost accounts, currency or items that come as a result of one of the following actions will not be restored:
  • You willingly gave somebody else your DF account or email password
  • You chose a password that is easy to guess (like "password", or "zombie")
  • You signed up with an email address that doesn't exist or that you do not own
  • You attempted to trade your account and the deal went bad
  • You entered into an "item for item" trade (currently not supported by our trading system)
  • You loaned out items (currently not supported by our trading system)
  • You used the same account username and password combination on another site
  • You downloaded an unsafe program (including but not limited to cheats/hacks/mods) onto your PC

Dead Frontier is aimed at a more mature audience and therefore we do allow the use of profanity providing it isn't taken too far and isn't used to insult other players directly. Racial, ethnic or other discriminatory slurrs are strictly forbidden.

You may not deliberately impersonate another player or member of staff.

You may post or link to images providing:
  • They do not contain any sexual content
  • They do not depict any kind of child nudity
  • They are not intended to cause feelings of digust
  • They are hosted on a reputable, virus free domain
  • They do not contain any other potentially offensive material

  • You may create as many accounts as you like
  • Trading between accounts that you own is allowed
  • PvPing between accounts that you own is strictly forbidden
  • You may not log into an account which you do not own
  • You may not trade, gift or share accounts with anyone

PvP (Player vs Player combat)
You may not allow somebody to kill you for the sole purpose of giving them PvP Points. Offering incentives for other people to PvP with you is also strictly prohibited.

Out of Game Trading
You may not trade game items, accounts or currency for anything outside of Dead Frontier. This includes but is not limited to: virtual goods in other games, real life currency and real life possessions. The only legitimate way to do this is via the Offical Dead Frontier Credit Shop.

You may not try to scam or trick other players out of their items, money or accounts. This includes any kind of trade or competition where they must hand over goods to you first. All trades should be done on an item for cash basis.

You may not do anything to artificially gain an unfair advantage. This includes, but is not limited to: hacking into the database/server itself, speeding up or slowing down the game client, modifying variables in memory or sending fake data to the server.

If you discover a bug that could be potentially exploited for personal gain (item duping, unlimited cash etc) you should immediately report it using the support system. You may not publicly post about such bugs as it may lead to further exploitation of the system.

3rd Party Applications
The use of 3rd party scripts or applications with Dead Frontier is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated by a member of staff in the forums.

Due to the nature of electronic transactions, Dead Frontier does not offer a money back guarantee of any kind. You may request a refund using our support system, but this refund will be given at our sole discretion.

Please see the Forum Specific Rules.